We Want Your Views on Homelessness

A wide ranging public survey is under way and ends on Friday 21 June. It is expected to form the basis for a new homelessness strategy for Enfield Council.

Councillor Ahmet Oykener, Enfield’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said thatThe Council is facing a number of challenges regarding homelessness in the borough.

This survey will try to gather ideas on how to address some of the challenges. Some of the possible solutions will be getting people back to work, accessing affordable rents in light of benefit capping, establishing the causes of homelessness and prevention methods.

The council is hoping on as many responses as possible, because in this way, new ideas will be generated and possible solutions found.

The Consultation campaign is called “Challenging times – tackling homelessness in Enfield “. Copies of the survey can be found in council offices, libraries and John Wilkes House. It can also be completed online on the council’s website, the cleaners in Enfield said.